This is my failed attempt at Femmelock from yesterday. I had posted a video explaining why it failed so hard, but I got super self-conscious and deleted it. Basically…

  • My hair is too long
  • My hair is too baby fine to hold a curl (even with copious amounts of product)
  • I couldn’t find my sticky small curlers
  • My curling iron is too big to make tighter curls

So, a few people have actually said that I should be doing Irene Adler, instead. Which is, by the way, one of the biggest compliments I could ever receive, because Lara Pulver is gorgeous beyond words. If only my nose was smaller…

Hmm… should I?

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    Well, if you’re unhappy with your Sherlock, I would advise you to try Irene out because I see you excelling on that...
  2. estaticplaywrite said: You do look like you’d make a good Irene… I say go for it :3
  3. ricechex said: Hells to the yes, you would be an absolutely SMASHING Irene!
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